Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Good news.. New life..

Alhamdullillah... Thank you Allah! My doa finally been heard. Aku amat bersyukur dgn kurniAn ini. Yg ku nantikan akhirnya termakbul jua. My hubby speechless.. He was so shock the moment said 'hey! U got a baby' Allah, terima kasih. Alhamdullillah. Hanya itu yang aku aku ucapkan.. Unexpected. Really. Im goin to see my gynae to check on something else, but what a lovely new i got. Tanggal 29 March 2012, Dr. Delaila give me a shock. She's found out im pregnant for 7 weeks. Alhamdullillah. And now my life was totally different. I was pampered by my better half just like a baby. I have fully complete. Ya, the sickness cant be avoid. Aduhhh tak larat ni. Pening & loya sangat teruk. Doc give me mc for a week. She ask me to have a very good rest due to i had bleeding yproblem. Ya Allah, peliharalah kandungan ku sebaiknya, sempurnakan dia & moga dia menjadi anak yg soleh/solehah..

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